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Messaging Transformation

Enhance your products' positioning in the marketplace with clear communications, attractive lead generation offers, and a deep understanding of your buyer.

  Go To Market   Execution

Build a scalable multi-channel sales organization at the lowest possible cost with the right mix of Direct, Channel, and OEM sales.

Digital Presence

Bring more visitors to your site for less money with a thorough understanding of what is holding back your search engine results, and driving up your digital advertising costs.

Areas of Expertise

  • B2B Tech companies
  • growth companies
  • web-based businesses
  • equity investors

Do you have a portfolio of growth companies that could benefit from some short-term executive-level expertise? Whether it's knowing how to get the most out of limited staff and dollars for search engine optimization, on-line advertising, and social media presence. Or building the right mix of field sales, inside sales, channel sales, and strategic partnerships. Or developing a corporate and product messaging framework that will tell a cohesive story across web, lead-generation, and product launch content. Engineered Marketing is experienced in working with all different types of Equity Investors to improve their portfolios with companies at various stages in their business lifecycles.