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Why "Engineered" Marketing? Well, when you combine an Engineer, a Marketer, and a Sales Go To Market expert, it just seems like a pretty obvious choice. It reflects our philosophy that while Sales and Marketing can be a creative pursuit, successful execution requires the precision of engineered solutions, bringing together all the right pieces at the right time, in the right order. In today's hyper-competitive world, every aspect of bringing a product to market and implementing an effective sales strategy must be measured and managed. And it all has to be done at internet speed.  At Engineered Marketing, we bring this philosophy of blending creativity and precision to each and every one of our engagements to maximize the value delivered to our clients.

Kimber Spradlin, Co-Founder
Kimber started her career with Ernst & Young's IT Audit and Security Consulting practice in 1998. During the first dot com and information security boom she moved into the B2B software industry, where, in addition to standard Product Management and Marketing duties at PentaSafe (later acquired by NetIQ), she began speaking at conferences and publishing articles in industry magazines. From there she has journeyed through the worlds of databases, systems administration, mobile device management, and virtualization with Embarcadero Technologies, BigFix, IBM, and Moka5. Kimber completed degrees in Accounting and International Business from Baylor University and an MBA in Accounting and Information Systems Management from Michigan State.
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Suzanne Swanson, Co-Founder
Suzanne is a twenty five year veteran of the technology industry, building sales teams, channels and strategic alliances for B2B companies in Security, Infrastructure and SaaS. Her experience ranges from  established technology corporations such as IBM, Symantec and CA, to venture-backed growth companies such as SecurityFocus and BigFix where she has held leadership roles in Sales, Business Development and Channel Management. She has been on both sides of the table for acquisitions, giving her  both the buyer and the seller perspective. Suzanne's passion is helping companies define strategic sales objectives and turn them into successful initiatives. She attended the University of Kansas, majoring in Business Administration, and is a current student at Harvard University, School of Extension Studies. 
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Gabe Spradlin, CTO
Gabe graduated from the University of Colorado in 1997 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and the immense satisfaction of having helped design and build a science payload that went up on Space Shuttle Endeavor. He would later go on to complete a Masters in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Control Systems from the University of Houston, after a stop in Phoenix, AZ to meet his lovely wife and work at Honeywell and Boeing. His love of all things aerospace would continue with stops at NASA, Boeing (again), and Ball Aerospace. After surviving numerous layoffs, and not surviving a few others, Gabe decided to take his  quest to automate anything and everything to build his own Internet-based business, founding ControlTheoryPro.com in 2009. This where the aerospace engineer with his programming and data analytics skills became an expert in SEM, SEO, email marketing, social media, and website optimization.
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