Teamwork. Flexibility. Creativity. Automation.


Let's work together to achieve amazing results . . . on time and on budget.



Our Promise

We will do our absolute best to deliver real, tangible value that will positively impact your business.


Our Expectations

We will be on this journey together. High expectations for both of us will lead to great success.


Process & Tools

Our projects are custom-tailored to fit your needs with the flexibility to use your tools or provide our own.


Our Promise To You

We here at Engineered Marketing recognize that each of our clients is unique and every project is different. But, there are some approaches, tools and techniques that are fairly universal and we will strive to use these whenever possible to drive quality, consistency, and efficiencies. With each and every engagement, we pledge to:

  • Spend all the time necessary to understand your needs and accurately define the scope of the project.
  • Provide clear and realistic estimates of how much billable time, and how long each component of the project is expected to take
  • Communicate quickly and precisely the impact any changes in scope will have on the project timeline and budget
  • Deliver timely updates, deliverables, and monthly invoices with a detailed breakdown of how our time was spent

Our Expectations of You!

This is a partnership. To be successful we must work together and your active participation in the process is a necessary part of delivering results you are ecstatic about in the timeline you need them in. So as we enter into this relationship, we want to be clear about our expectations of you:

  • Put lots of thought in to the scope and priorities you share with us in our initial call
  • Communicate your expectations and concerns up front Occasionally things may not go according to plan, the sooner we know about them the sooner we can correct any problems.
  • Provide requested materials, introductions, reviews, and approvals in a timely manner
  • And of course, we would greatly appreciate if you would pay your invoices in a timely manner!

Process and Tools

While each project is unique, we follow a pretty standard project management formula. For example, a customer case study would typically look something like this, spread over 4-8 weeks:



1. Define scope with client

1-3 hours

2. Develop and deliver Statement of Work

1-3 days

3. Project plan development, review, & approval

3-8 hours

4. Information gathering, research, and review

2-8 hours

5. Employee, partner, customer interviews

1 hour each

6. First draft

2-8 hours

7. Client Review

2 days

8. Second draft

1-3 hours

9. Client review

2 days

10. Final draft & layout

1 hour

11. Client approval and sign-off

2 days

Of course some projects will be much more complex or incorporate multiple deliverables, requiring quite a bit more scoping and planning time. For example, Web App Optimization projects are quite a bit different, and typically take quite a bit longer than a customer case study.

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