My Webserver for Testing

By Gabe Spradlin | Backend Design

Feb 10

​My Webserver for Testing

​Every so often on this blog I will present some test results. Something like the time it takes for a simple PHP program to pull data from MySQL vs pulling that same data  from Memcache. Or the speed of Memcache vs Redis.

But not everyone gets the same results. The is usually due to hardware differences or configuration differences. I've seen benchmark testing done for Redis vs Memcache where the author went to great lengths to make sure the two caching programs were doing the same thing. My benchmarks will more often be of the right-out-of-box variety. In other words, I'll install the software with it's defaults directly out of the Ubuntu repository. Then I'll use in some of my tools.

I do that because I just want to install it and see if it improves my performance. I'm not looking for a PhD in every potentially useful program out there and I'm not typically needing to squeeze every last drop of optimization out it. So if, right-out-of-the-box Memcache is an improvement over MySQL then I'll use. If it isn't then I'll look for something else.


For those of you wanting to read about my hosting experiences to date you can find them here.​ Long story short, I currently use Server4You for my dedicated hosting because I am fairly adept with a command line and they are significantly cheaper than anyone else I've found.


​The short version of the story on Server4You is that the service is adequate but as good as I'd like. The hardware is typically fast and always up. The data center connections appear to be good and fast.

Testing Webserver Specs

AMD Opteron 3280 8-Core
2000 GB SATA 3,5" 7.200 rpm (x2)
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - LAMP - RAID1


About the Author

Gabe Spradlin Gabe has a BS in Mech Eng and an MS in Elec Eng. Control Systems was the emphasis of my Masters. The Master culminated in a very long and esoteric thesis about automatically identifying anomalies in International Space Station telemetry. Eventually he ended up using Controls to point lasers very precisely at targets a long, long way away. Some lasers were used to talk; others to put holes in things. In 2009 it was time to start an aerospace consulting business. By 2010 it was time to shift from aerospace to online entrepreneurship. He has worked in his pajamas .... errrrr .... basement ever since.

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