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SEO & PPC Data Provide the Framework . . . and Remarkable Competitive Insights


SEO & Product Positioning

 Google’s search algorithm assesses every page on every website, constantly. Google’s search results reflect real people’s opinion about your product page.

The search phrases a product page shows up for, and it’s position, are a reflection of what real people think that page is about.

PPC & Messaging

 Solid messaging must be presented to the correct audience to be effectively converted into sales. Knowledge of where and how much others spend with Google AdWords can be eye opening.

With billions of search phrases tracked across millions of domains, if your competition is advertising with Google then we know about it.

SEO + PPC = Competitive Insight

Understand where your business stands. Understand where your competition stands. Use that knowledge to develop a precision plan for acquiring new customers.

Acquire new customers with a precision plan on a known budget.

SEO & Product Positioning

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing a web page for search rankings. In other words, you have a search phrase like "buy product X" and you want to show up in the #1 spot for that phrase so that potential customers see your page first. Engineered Marketing can provide general advice about improving SEO, but that isn't our focus. We primarily use the available SEO data to determine if your product messaging is working and how your competitors are doing.

Consider ​that you have Product X which solves Problem Y. You want Product X's product page to rank #1 for the search phrases "Product X" and "Problem Y". If it doesn't, why not? Is it a matter of needing better content on the Product X page or is it that your potential customers don't think Product X is related to Problem Y?

PPC & Messaging

Tracking of PPC ads is most helpful when first building or completely overhauling an ad campaign. Typically the data is used to track the ads and search phrases a competitor is using so that those successes can be copied or improved upon. The philosophy goes like this:

If someone has advertised on a keyword for 6 months they are doing it because it is profitable.

What could you do if...

  • You discovered a keyword you thought was only peripherally related to your product but a direct competitor has been advertising on it for years?
  • You discover your competition is running a campaign to educate the market prior to the release of a product you didn't know they were working on?
  • You discover your competition is advertising to an entirely different market segment, one you hadn't previously considered?

SEO + PPC = Competitive Insight

At Engineering Marketing we've come to the conclusion that both reports are great but combined you get a perspective that is much greater than the sum of the parts. Subscribing here will get you the same SEO and PPC reports but at a discount.

Since you are subscribing to both the analysis provided by Engineered Marketing will include insights from both reports as well insights that can only be gained by having both reports in hand.​


Get your hands on the data, use it to your advantage

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