Digital Presence Optimization

  • SEO/SEM Audit
  • competitive analysis

SEO & SEM Audit and Advisory

Our audit tool provides us with both SEO and SEM audits that identify the keywords of your competition and assess your business's market position compared to theirs.

The SEO audit tool produces a report regarding your site's SEO vs your competition's site. Specifically you get the keywords you and your competitors rank for and where exactly you rank. In addition, the report shows where you rank for those same keywords and how hard it will be to improve you ranking via white hat SEO methods. We use this information to determine a short list of good buying keywords where you should rank better to improve your bottom line.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is vital to assessing how your web based business can improve. We don't offer traditional keyword analysis but rather through the SEO and SEM reports mentioned above we provide you market context for the keywords you and your competition have identified as being critical. We help identify keywords that may have been overlooked or thought to be too expensive. We leverage the SEO and SEM reports for good keywords so we aren't spending your money slogging through the hundreds of irrelevant or barely relevant keywords that Google's tools will spit out.