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Now that you’ve acquired those first few customers, how do you turn that early success into a repeatable process? You've got to stay lean while building a sales organization that can scale at the speed of your business. And, a big part of that is choosing the right sales model to maximize your market opportunity. That means having the right people, in the right roles, at the right time, 

Who is my ideal sales candidate? What is my sales cycle? When is the right time to expand my routes to market? Is there value in strategic partnering?  Growth companies need to answer all of these questions and more, often before they have the internal expertise to do it on their own.

Engineered Marketing delivers actionable services that enable emerging companies to answer those questions and implement the right solutions. Leverage our expertise by the day, or the project, to maximize your sales investment and achieve your goals.

  •         plan for  success      
  •    develop new channelS         
  •        partner effectively          

Accelerate growth with strategic alliances that deliver real value.

  • Alliance Strategy. Vendor alliances can add credibility and open the door to new customers. How do you identify the right partners? What is the best approach? A strategic plan defines the objectives of the program and sets expectations for you and your board while keeping you on track to avoid wasted effort.
  • Alliances Program. To get value from your partnerships, you will need a structure to support those partnerships including developers kits, customer support and lead sharing processes to maximize the revenue opportunity. Don't let your alliance be just a "press release partnership".
  • Business Development on Demand. Sometimes you just need a little help..to find the right people, get the contracts done or expand your partner relationships. Let us help you make the most of your partnerships.

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